• Samsung revamps Galaxy Ace smartphone, adds a ‘Plus’ and refreshed processor

    samsung galaxy ace plus, andorid
    Technology news. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is perhaps one of the best budget smartphones on the market right now and that is since its initial release way back in March 2011. Now, however, Samsung has given it a refresh and it all starts in the name; the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Featuring a 3.65-inch (up fro 3.5-inch) 320×480 HVGA TFT touch screen and a single core 1GHz processor (up from 800MHz), the Galaxy Ace Plus comes at a time when expensive dual-core smartphones win the headlines.

    From the above, the major update over the original Ace is the processor, which is now 200MHz faster than the original 800Mhz one. This added ooph will allow Galaxy Ace Plus users to perform more system heavy tasks without as much lag as they had previously. As for storage, you are looking at 3GB built in out of the box and yes, it does take microSD cards to fill up with tunes expandable to 32GB.
    Aimed at students, young professionals and first time smartphone buyers, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus should be available in store within the next 2 months on pay as you go, sim free and pay monthly options. Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy line up keeps on getting better and better and this new update for the Ace makes for a very tempting purchase indeed.


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