• New report claims Nexus tablet to rival Kindle Fire

    Nexus Tablet
    Technology news. If you thought that google were going to release a Nexus tablet to directly compete with the iPad, you have apparently been wrong as a new report claims the Nexus tablet will in fact directly compete with the low-priced Amazon Kindle Fire. Unsurprisingly, this report comes from the almost-reliable Digitimes, who as usual have stated that sources said something about something, in this case that the 7-inch Nexus tablet will be around sometime in March and will be offered up at a similar price to the Kindle Fire.
    Tablet Nexus
    “Google will launch the own-brand tablet PC in March-April, featuring a 7-inch panel and Android 4.0 with a price less than US$199 to compete against Amazon”
    If these rumors (or sources to Digitimes) do indeed prove to be true / reliable, you can expect the Nexus tablet to ship with an altered version of the Dual core, 1000 MHz, TI OMAP4 as found in the Amazon Kindle, and around 8GB of on-board storage.


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