• Microsoft Surface

    You've probably seen the video and movies featuring the latest technologicalsophistication for the future. But what happens if it becomes a reality and can you have?Today may be a function table to you only as a household appliance to lay stationery to write or just filling the interior space. In early 2011, it was rumored advent of holographicTV technology. But recently, dipenghujung in 2011, Microsoft made a breakthrough with atechnology called Microsoft Surface, where a combination of desk, computer, camera,touch sensivity as well as the size of which allows the user to interact for a variety ofactivities.

    At a large table that uses 40-inch LCD touch screen, Microsoft is putting a smartphone on the screen, Microsoft Surface will instantly recognize these devices and displaysinformation about the device and allows to choose a different model. Reportedly, Microsofthas confirmed the latest prices for a table of future they will release later in the year 2012in the American market for $ 8,900.

    Teknologi Terbaru 2012 : Meja Masa Depan Microsoft Surface dan EXOdesk

    In the video below you can see the appearance of sophistication of the latest technology for the future with a virtual keyboard display, RSS feeds streams, piano playing simulations,and applications to the surface of the tabletop.


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