• Laptop or Netbook Acer NVIDIA Tegra?

    intel, Acer
    There is information that Acer is planning to launch several mobile products next few months and one of its products bring "nuance" in the context of new mobile technology products.
    According to DigiTimes, Acer will launch:

    - Notebok with 1GHz dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2

    - Ultrabook with Intel chips in December

    - New Tablet with Android 3.2

    Android tablets and ultrabook familiar but this time the laptop NVIDIA Tegra is an unusualproduct. The possibility of this unique laptop will run Android or Linux-based OS because Windows 7 can not run on ARM-based processors like Tegra.

    Microsoft is preparing Windows 8 that can run on ARM-based chips but info Tegra laptopAcer will launch this year is a new breakthrough.

    There is a possibility based Acer notebook NVIDIA Tegra 2 is more suitable so-callednetbook or tablet-netbook hybrid possibilities are almost the same as the Asus EEETransformer pad.


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