• Intel Will Use Chip Clover Trail For Windows Tablet 8

    Chip Clover Trail, Intel

    Chip Clover Trail alien may still be heard compared with the ARM chip. But the plan will use Intel chips Clover Trail in tablet device operating system Windows 8 and will be showcased at the event Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, 9 to 13 January2012.

    Clover Trail is a continuation of Medfield chip that uses a single core and will be marketedin March 2012. While Clover Trail, a computational process will be supported dual coreprocessor, in order to attract the interest of vendors to use chips from Intel. The plan,Clover Trail will be marketed in mid-2012.

    Digitimes reports that Acer and Lenovo expressed interest in using the Clover Trail fortheir Windows 8 tablets. This step is taken to confront the dominance of Intel ARM chipsare widely used in smartphones and tablet device.

    According to Digitimes, the possibility of mobile device vendors are still comfortable to use ARM chip, especially for Android-based tablet.


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