• Intel and Android will make a Smartphone

    What happens if two bulbs universal technology companies, Google and Intel, to worktogether? Certainly be a highly anticipated is not it?

    Do not worry, no need to wait long to make that happen. On Tuesday, the two companies have explained about the collaboration of both. Their plan would create a low-power Atomprocessor that can run Android OS.

    This cooperation is also likely to bear an Intel-based Android phones. Not only that, the developers of Android applications will also be the opportunity to develop their applicationwith the x86 platform for the first time....

     Intel and Android will make a Smartphone

    Just a little glimpse, at the conference build 2011, Intel CEO Paul Otellini showed aMedfield phone with Android OS. Information only, Medfield is a variation of Atom chipsdedicated to mobile phones. Hmmm, yes we wait.


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